Monday, November 21, 2011

Four Thanksgiving Activities for Kids and Adults

It's Thanksgiving Day and you've got a house full of kids and do you keep them all entertained?  Try these four activities that will get them interacting together:

Word Search/Memory Game:

1)  Make a list of of Thanksgiving related words.  How many words depends on the number of adults you think will be willing to participate.  Number the words 1-??
2)  When your guests arrive, give each adult a word from the list along with what number it is plus the following word from the list.  Give each child a piece of paper and pencil and word #1.
3)  Throughout the day/evening the children will search for all the words in order by asking the adults to act out the word he/she (the adult) was assigned.
4)  The children will ask the adults to act out words until they find #1.  That adult will give them word #2 and the children will have to hunt for the adult that acts out word #2.  That adult gives them word #3 and the process is repeated until the children have found all the words.


1)  Make a list of Thanksgiving related words or phrases.  Cut them apart and put them in a container.
2)  Grab some sheets of paper and some pens.
3)  Split up your guests into two teams trying to have an equal amount of adults and kids on both teams.
4)  The team with the youngest player goes first.
5)  A person from that team picks a word from the container and must draw it for their team to guess before the 2 minute time limit runs out.
6)  The opposite team keeps track of the time and may take one guess at the word if the drawing team fails to guess it.


Same rules as Pictionary above but the words are acted out instead of drawn out.

Turkey Talk:

I discovered this fabulous activity from our Fun Stuff Friday linky (you'll find lot of Thanksgiving crafts and other stuff there)!  Please visit Dixie Delights for this great questions around the table activity!

Hey, we've now added four more Thanksgiving activities for kids and adults!

What do you do to keep your guests entertained during the holiday events at your house?

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