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Andrew Shue and

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On Tuesday, November 15th, Jamie had the opportunity to meet the actor Andrew Shue (Billy Campbell from Melrose Place) at the Minneapolis Suburbs Premier Party.  Unfortunately, Lindsi was unable to attend the party due to a death in her family.  She missed a really fun and informative time!

Ok, so what is, why were they having a premier party, how is Andrew Shue involved, and why were we invited??  Lets start with and Andrew Shue...

Years ago, Andrew quit acting to spend more time with his family and pursue other adventures.  He eventually co-founded Cafemom, one of the largest social networking sites for moms in the US.  Cafemom is now off-shooting into another site called

If you go to the website now, it looks like your average daily deals site.  However, the deals on the site have actual local moms acquiring them, standing behind them and promoting them.  Plus, is growing!  The daily deals will end up being the icing on the cake to so much more! will grow into three main things: commerce, content, and community.  It will be similar to it's parent, Cafemom, but will be scaled down and focused to small areas such as the Twin Cities suburbs where we live.  The whole idea behind is local community--supporting local businesses, local gatherings, keeping up with local current events, giving to local charities, and growing and strengthening the local community. launched with daily deals to begin earning revenue so they could start giving back to the community.  The rest of the stuff will launch over the next few months.

Micaela, Tracy, Jamie, Samara, Jen

How are Lindsi and I involved?  We met a gal named Natalie at a local blogging event.  She was recruiting bloggers for the Founder's Club.  The founders club people will help tell what's hot in the area, what businesses they should promote, and what charities they should support.  In chatting with Natalie we also discovered that is looking for a few bloggers to blog for them.  Lindsi and I are now working with to (hopefully) become one (or two, in our case) of their bloggers!  As part of the Founder's Club and one of the blogger recruits, we were invited to the Minneapolis Suburbs Premier Party for the official kick-off/launch of the site!

There you have it...what is, why they were having a party, how Andrew Shue is involved, and why we were invited...

Go ahead and check them out for yourself.  You won't be disappointed with the deals, and you can eventually say, "I was there when it all started..."

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