Friday, October 5, 2012

Yarn Bowl- Pinned it, Did it!

I'm going to start of this Pinned it, Did it! post by saying that this yarn bowl craft was a semi-failure.  I say "semi" though because I know what I did wrong, I now know how to fix it, and I am confident that if we were to try again, it would work just fine.
(even my photo turned out slightly blurry!)
I saw this yarn bowl pin and thought it was totally awesome and my girls would love making it.  Well, Nutty did have fun making it, but ours did not turn out so awesome.
We made our flour and water paste.  This was our first wrong step.  The original directions call for paper mache paste.  The difference?  Paper mache paste dries clear, simple flour and water paste dries white. 
We got using a glass bowl right but I COMPLETELY forgot to cover it with Saran Wrap before we started wrapping paste covered string all over it.  Yeah, I had to pry that string off with a sharp knife once it was dry.  NOT cool!  I almost gave up and cut it off with scissors (ruining the yarn bowl) but I had to have a photo for this blog!
You'd think that I would have picked up on the two wrong steps above after seeing our bowl like this but nope, I'm an idiot!  Anyway, I did manage to pry the yarn from the glass bowl without ruining it.  Here's a photo of the original yarn bowl and ours:
No feelings hurt when you tell me that the original is MUCH better.  I already know that!

My thoughts?  I definitely think that yarn bowl can be made if you follow the directions unlike me!
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  1. I'll have to try this one. With the correct directions lol.


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