Thursday, October 18, 2012

Nine Awesome and Unique Halloween Treats

We've scoured the internet in search of awesome, unique, and fun Halloween treats.  Below you'll find nine of our favorites from our search!

1) Shrunken Heads In Cider--Creepy is all I have to say about this drink!

2) Cheese Witch Brooms--Cute and healthy!

3) Eyeball Donuts--Easy and fun!

4) Weiner Worms--Just plain gross!

5)  Icky Intestines--I'm not sure anyone would actually want to eat these!

6)  Mad Scientist Potion--Cool for kids AND adults!

7)  Melon Brain--Genious and healthy!

8)  Finger Food--A little too realistic for me!

9)  Pumpkin Seed Brittle--Um...Yum!

What awesome Halloween treats have you made?

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