Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Monday was suppose to be the day...the day when Lindsi officially left Toys In The Dryer, the day when I changed everything from Jamie and Lindsi, to just Jamie, and I changed our profile photos over to this awesome new single photo taken by Glimpses of Soul Photography at the Minnesota Blogger Conference.

But Monday was not the day...Lindsi did not leave Toys In The Dryer, I did not change things over to just me, and our accounts continue to have last year's photo of the two of us together...

So what happened?  What's changing?

It was made very clear to Lindsi and I as we attempted to transition our blog over to just me, that we are a partnership.  That partnership was further realized when I went to the Minnesota Blogger Conference alone and everyone remembered us as a pair (and asked where Lindsi was).  This blog was founded and built by both of us, and it it both our passions.  We shed many tears (no lie!) as we tried to break up, and I just could not take the last step of removing Lindsi's name from everything.

We came to a conclusion that would make both of us happy while still accommodating Lindsi's personal circumstances.  Lindsi will remain a part of Toys In The Dryer but will be more in the background.  She will continue to write but will only be doing so twice a month (or more if able).  Though I will be more of the "face" of Toys In The Dryer, we will continue to have our combined profiles and will leave things as Jamie and Lindsi and not just Jamie.  After all, we are a partnership.

Our schedule is what will be changing.  I can not handle all the blog posts and behind the scenes stuff on my own.  Though Lindsi will continue to take care of some of the things, I now have more responsibility on my end.

Starting Monday, October 8, our schedule will be as follows:
Monday: Activity or Craft
Tuesday: Hodge Podge
Wednesday:  off
Thursday: Tasty Treat
Friday: Pinned it, Did it!

Really it's not that much of a change.  You'd be amazed a what one less post a week can do for a person's stress level though!  I'll also be adding a new topic to our Hodge Podge list.  In addition to sponsored posts, expert advice, humor, and random posts from our other topics, I'll be adding "hot topics".  In order to get our readers to interact with each other and develop a sense of community, I'll start posting "hot topics" once a month.  These topics will be parenting or kid related and will hopefully spark some conversation around here.

So are you as excited about Lindsi staying as I am?(*Lindsi's edit- I'm SO excited!)

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