Thursday, October 25, 2012

Alien Eggs

I had every intention of surprising my girls with something called Spidery Eggs for breakfast in the morning.  My nephew was over so I recruited him to help me make them.  The problem was, nothing went right so I ended up changing my plan.  I actually like these Alien Eggs better anyway!
I started by boiling three eggs.  One however, completely split while it was boiling.  No problem, I had two more anyway...

I then mixed a bunch of blue, red, and green food coloring together until I got something that resembled dark black water.  If you are one of those people that worries about artificial dyes, you can substitute boiled blueberry water for the dye water.

Next, my nephew and I carefully removed the hard boiled eggs from the boiling water and held them with a folded towel.  Now, my nephew was suppose to put his egg on the counter, cover it with the towel, then gently tap it with the end of a wooden spoon...this would have given a nice spider web looking crack on the bottom.  Instead, my directions got lost in translation and he accidentally stabbed the actual egg with the wooden spoon leaving a large hole in the egg.  The photo above is a recreation for the purpose of this blog post :)

Great, I thought.  I only have one egg now (with a perfect spider web break in it by the way)...

I took a look at my two majorly cracked eggs and thought, "those look disgusting...they kinda look like alien eggs!"

Sooo...I put them in the black water to cool...I dunked them and covered them just like Easter eggs making sure to let them sit in the water extra long on the really cracked sides...
I debated and debated how to photograph the finished eggs.  There's so much you can do with them.  I guess it depends on if you are going to eat them or just use them for a party decoration.  I have every intention of having my girls eat them so I pealed them but took photos along the way to show different presentations:
There you have it--Alien Eggs!  My nephew (10 years old) thought they were pretty cool.  I'm not sure if my girls will actually eat them but I know I will if they don't!

What do you think?  Would your kids eat Alien Eggs?


  1. cute and smart rename!!! well done!

  2. My boys would think this is SUPER cool! Thanks for sharing! Maybe I'll make them this weekend ;)


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