Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin Picking--A Family Affair

Halloween is on Wednesday!  Have you picked and carved your pumpkins yet?  I'll share a secret, we haven't (GASP!).  No need to worry, we're going this evening.  After all, if you carve your pumpkins too early they get yucky before Halloween anyway.  Plus, we tend to turn our carved pumpkins around to the uncarved side after Halloween and use them for Thanksgiving decorations on our door step. 
If you haven't been to a pick your own pumpkin patch with your kids, I highly suggest you find one in your area!  It's so much fun to watch your kids walk through the field to find the perfect pumpkin...
...and even more fun to watch them try to cut it off the vine!  Walking through pre-picked "perfect" pumpkins or digging through a bin of pumpkins no longer cuts it for my family.  We enjoy the hunt!

Sooo...this evening we're going pumpkin picking...what are you doing?

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