Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Costume Disappointment

For the past 6 years I have either bought my girls' Halloween costumes used from Craigslist or from the thrift store, or have made their costumes.  I tend not to spend a lot of money on costumes that the girls will only wear for a few hours max.
This year is no exception for Tottie.  My sweet, little 4 year old wants to be a zombie.  Where she got the idea from is beyond me, but that's what she wants to be.  Sooo...I took a pair of her old pjs, ripped them up, and sewed some red fabric behind the tears.  I then took them outside and stomped them in the mud.  To finalize the costume I will spray some fake blood on the pjs, put Tottie's hair in crooked pigtails, cover her face in grey makeup, and put a gash tattoo on her cheek.  She can't wait to see the final look and neither can I!!

Nutty, however, is a different story this year.  After being undecided on what she wants to be and searching through multiple used costumes for ideas, we ended up buying the above costume new this evening at the Halloween store just to get it over with.  It was $35 and does not include the boots or the rope!  It's a 4 piece outfit: skirt with attached belt, vest with attached undershirt, bandanna, and hat.  Though it looks great in the photo, it is SUPER thin, and SUPER cheaply made!!  I'm so disappointed!  The worst part is that because it is so thin and because we live in a cold state, she will have to wear thick clothes under it or wear a jacket.

Since when did Halloween costumes get so expensive despite being so cheaply made?  Do you buy your kids' costumes new, used, or do you make them?  And, don't they make ANY costumes for kids who live in cold states??


  1. Well we live FAR south - so the cold won't be too much of an issue - but this is the first year I bought 2 of the 3 costumes. (there was a 1/2 off sale) I always resist buying them...try going to thrift stores and usually wind up with SOMETHING :) This year I knew I was only going to have 1 day off before they needed costumes. I realized I was dreading it - I had SO much to do and seriously - NO WAY was I going to just pick up one think at a thrift store :) SO...when I saw the sale I mentioned - both costumes wound up being $30 total. Not too bad and I still had time to do laundry for the week (whoo hoo! lol)...I love your little zombie idea ;)

  2. We buy as many as we can the day AFTER Halloween. My 4-year-old dresses up on a daily basis, so we gets lots and lots of use out them. We also receive hand-me-downs. My mom repairs his costumes constantly, since they are not the best material. Bobo wears them until he outgrows them!

  3. I totally agree! I'm with you, I try to borrow or make all the costumes, depending on what is cheaper. Unless I find a good deal. But what a bummer, can you try to return it? The zombie idea is too cute! :)

  4. I can totally relate. We were trying to do a costume last minute so just went to a costume store but it was so expensive I walked out without anything. I don't even pay that much for clothes he can wear all year let alone a few hours. Luckily grandma sent him a construction belt and he has lots of tools so we'll throw something together.


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