Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Reindeer pops

Have you ever wondered how people made those adorable cake pops? (You know, the cupcake-like treats on a stick). Well here you go! Let me first preface this with "it is NOT like you thought." Both Jamie and I originally thought that somehow you baked the cake batter into ball shapes by using molds. NOPE!

First thing you do is to bake a cake according to the box directions (or if you are a show off you can make a cake from scratch "insert eye roll here"). Once the cake has completely cooled you cut the cake into quarters and take each quarter and crumble it. Once you are done crumbling it, it should look like this:

After crumbling the entire cake add 3/4 of a can of frosting to the cake and stir. Roll into 1inch diameter balls and place on a cookie sheet. Refrigerate the "balls" (sorry, have to laugh a little- because I keep thinking of THIS) overnight. Cover them with wax paper to keep them from drying out.

Once the cake balls are chilled insert some sticks into each ball.

Carefully melt your chocolate in a double boiler or in the microwave in 30 second intervals.

Dip each cake ball into the melted chocolate and insert each pop into a piece of Styrofoam or a shoe box =) Then add pretzels for ears, eyes and red candy for the nose. Feel free to complete the look with a cute holiday ribbon tied onto the stick.

What would you make these super cute Reindeer pops for?


  1. These are SOOOO ADORABLE!! I think I'm the only one in blogland who has not made cake pops. lol. Just wanted to pop by and let you know that I added Fun Stuff Friday to my linky page. Thank you for letting me know about it. Can't wait to come back and share what I've been working on.


  2. ohh my word those are adorable! Wish my son ate chocolate :-P (silly boy)! I need to give cake balls a try sometime!

  3. First, I thought you cooked the balls as is. Who would of guessed you made the cake first. Second...those are absolutely adorable. so cute for a cookie exchange!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. So cute, and look so yum too! Found them on tip junkie tonight!


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