Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fun way to teach your kids how to spell their name

My sister introduced me to this way of teaching my girls how to spell their names and it definitely works!  Unfortunately for me, it is hard to explain in black and white.  Fortunately for you, you get to watch me make a fool out of myself in a vlog!

Without further ado:

What do you think?  Do you think your kids could learn their names and phone number this way?


  1. What a great idea!! I loved it! I also thought you singing was fabulous! You sell yourself too short! Thanks for sharing! I will try this with my boys!

  2. It's a great video (PIC)....thanks for sharing this with our readers!

  3. That's how my son learned his name. I never thought of the phone number though! great idea.

  4. Neat idea! I live in the 952 area code and my first thought was, "she lives near me!" and then i realized that you wouldn't give your real number :)


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