Thursday, February 28, 2013

See Through Easter Egg Window Decorations

If you've been reading our blog long enough you know that we love to make crafts out of contact paper.  We also love to make window decorations for holidays.  See Through Easter Eggs combine the best of both!
see through easter eggs
They are fun and easy to make too.  The only things you'll need are contact paper and things to decorate your eggs with such as glitter, paper, ribbon, and foam shapes (or really anything else you think might work).

If your kids want to make a framed Easter egg, help them to cut an egg shape out of paper.  Fold it in half and cut out most of the middle to make a frame.  Put the frame on the sticky side of a piece of contact paper then decorate the inside of the frame.

If your kids want a frame-less Easter egg, help them to cut an egg shape out of paper.  Lay a piece of contact paper sticky side up on top of the paper egg.  Decorate the sticky side of the contact paper only where the egg is under it.
see through easter eggs
Once the eggs are decorated, put another piece of contact paper, sticky side down (or sticky sides together) on the egg.  
Press together firmly, especially around the edges or around the foam shapes.
Last, cut of the extra contact paper around your egg, put some tape on it, and hang it on your window to enjoy!
What types of crafts have you made with contact paper?

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