Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Flash Pals--A Unique Easter Basket Gift

Looking for something unique and fun to put in an older child's Easter basket this year?  How about FlashPals!  These super cute USB drives will have all their friends talking!

FlashPals are the creation of Doug Stienstra who's girlfriend asked for a "cute" flash drive for her birthday.  When he couldn't find one he liked, he made one.  His creation was such a hit with his girlfriend and her friends that he turned it into a full-time business!  What's better, is that FlashPals has partnered with the world's leading giraffe organization, the GCF, to support their efforts to protect giraffes through sales and donations, so now FlashPals save data AND the wild.

Each FlashPal represents a real animal species that faces real threats and each has a name.  Jamie was lucky enough to review Zena the Zebra.
 photo FlashPals.jpg
Zena came in the cutest little box.  When I opened it, I was instantly in love!  Here was this super cute zebra flash drive in this awesome clear storage tube.  I was a little worried about the construction at first, but after tugging at the seams a bunch, and giving her to my girls to play with, she held together just fine.  (I wouldn't recommend purposefully trying to pull your FlashPal apart, but to give it a fair review, I did.)  She looked adorable sticking out of the side of my computer and my girls were excited when her "heart" lit up to let us know she was working.  She's got 4GB in that body of hers so there's plenty of room for all my storage needs.

I really only have one (minor) complaint.  Zena has a lot of white on her so if I want to take advantage of her nifty key chain attachment, I run the risk of getting her dirty.  I don't want to get her dirty--she's too cute!  According to the tag on her (which I cut off for general use) she is surface washable but I'm still not convinced I want to grub her up.

Lindsi received Jack the Giraffe in the mail. When I saw the little tube he came in I thought "well, that sure is adorable!" Jack came to our home with plenty of storage in his long neck, 4GB to be exact. This is a great deal of storage for such a little guy. I used Jack to store my photos from 2012 on it. I loved how when Jack the Giraffe is attached to my computer (or my sons) a little fact sheet popped up about Giraffes. Just some fun information for you and your kids from the FlashPal info sheet:

In 1999 there were over 140,000 giraffes in the wild, now there are less than 80,000. The color of a giraffe's tongue is BLACK! Giraffes have very big hearts- they weigh up to 25 pounds!!! And my personal favorite: The neck of a giraffe can be over 6.5 feet long!

Once Jack the Giraffe was plugged into our computer his BIG HEART lit up. This is a great idea because it helps my son know it is working. A great "visual" tool for a kiddo. I also loved how each FlashPal is attached to a clip that allows you to keep it on your key chain, making it portable and assuring it's with you whenever you might need it.

If you check out FlashPal's website you will see that there is an option to have them preloaded with information that would be fantastic for school! We hope you will check out FlashPals and fall in love with them like we did. This is a sponsored post written and expressed by us. FlashPals provided Jamie and Lindsi with their own FlashPal to use and review.

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