Monday, December 31, 2012

13 Things You MUST DO With Your Children in 2013

1)  Take photos

When was the last time you took photos with your kids?  I mean, you get in the photo with them.  You don't have to take professional family photos (though those would be nice), self portraits can be a lot of fun too!

2)  Play in the rain

Let out your inner child, don't worry about getting wet (or even muddy), just have some pure fun, and play in the rain.

Sunset over Lake Minnetonka

3)  Watch a sunrise or sunset

Share the beauty of nature with your children and watch a sunrise or sunset.  Enjoy the colors in the sky and the peace that comes with them.  Just maybe you'll become engrossed in an conversation about the day.

4)  Have a one-on-one date

Show each of your children they are special by spending some one-on-one time with them.  Whether it's a half-hour or a full day, you'll both get something from it and you'll strengthen your bond even more.

5)  Go through old family photos

Younger children love to look at baby photos of themselves and older children like to see how weird mom and dad looked when they were younger.  You'll have fun reminiscing and sharing the stories behind the photos.

6)  View the stars

You don't need a telescope to view the stars (though going somewhere with a gigantic one would be a TON of fun).  Star gazing can be as simple as finding a dark area and looking up!  Bring your phone, laptop, or tablet to look up different constellations and have fun finding them in the sky!


7)  Surprise them at lunch

If your child's school (and/or your work) allows it, surprise your child for a lunch date.  Bring take-out from your child's favorite restaurant for an even better surprise.

8)  Let them talk while you really listen

We all listen to our kids but when was the last time you really listened?  Turn off the TV and radio, get your head out of your book or computer and listen while your child talks.  Don't interrupt, just let the conversation flow.

9)  Dance

Yes, dance!  Crank up the radio, don't worry about how weird you look, just enjoy a dance party!  It's great exercise and a ton of fun too!

Roses 10)  Plant something

You don't have to plant something big like a tree or even a garden, something simple like a house plant from a seed will do just fine.

11)  Make a time capsule

Gather things from the past year, write notes about what you think the future will be like and vow not to open your time capsule for at least 5-10 years.  Even better, have your younger child write notes (or you can write them while your child dictates) to be opened on dates such as their highs chool or college graduation or wedding day.  Include things such as what they think they will be like, what cars and houses will look like and what things will cost on that date.  Don't forget to include photos and the cost of things on the date the notes were written.

12)  Go on a hike 

Whether it be through the sidewalks of your city or on a trail at a park, go on a hike and make it an adventure by finding the beauty in the small things you come across.

13)  Show them you love them

We all tell our kids we love them.  This year, show them you love them.  Spend time with them, real time with them and let your actions speak how you feel.

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