Tuesday, December 4, 2012

SimplyFun®--Family Connections and Learning Through Play

How often do you play games with your family?  Growing up, my family played games together all the time, especially around the holidays.  My husband and I play games with our girls as often as we can too.  It's fun to sit by the fire, "unplug" and have family time in the winter.  In the summer, our air conditioned basement is the perfect place to unwind and play a game after a day of fun in the sun.

SimplyFun® is a company that promotes family connections via game playing with your kids.  They believe "play must be a priority for all families."  Their mission statement says, "Play allows important human connections to take root, to grow, and to flourish. It allows us to share with each other...It relieves stress and creates joyful memories...Play keeps our families connected!"

When SimplyFun® contacted us to do a review of some of their games, we jumped at the opportunity!  After all, at Toys In The Dryer, we believe the same things they do.  Our site is all about spending time quality time with your children.

Here's the kicker though, not only does SimplyFun® promote spending quality time with your children, they also promote learning through play!  Each and every one of their games has a educational element to them.  However, they are so fun, you kids won't even know they're learning while playing and spending time with you!

Jamie--I chose to review the Treasure Trot game.  Ever since Nutty's birthday, the girls have been into horses.  Plus, this game looked girly and has two sides (hard and easy).  I was impressed with the quality of the box, game board, and pieces.  This is not a flimsy game and will last through hundreds of uses!  My girls and I found the game a bit hard to understand at first but once we figured it out, it was a lot of fun.  My 4 year old needed some help but I expected that because it's meant for 5 and up.  My 6 year old (and her friend) could easily play both sides of the board once we figured out how to play it.  They play the game every time they get together!  Though "girly," my husband didn't mind playing it with the girls too.   

Lindsi--I chose to review Bee Alert game. Let me be honest, my husband isn't a fan of board games so I was surprised when I came home from the store to find him sitting on the floor playing Bee Alert with our kids. He actually said "this game is great! This game is perfect for all ages, I can even see playing this with adults." No kidding!!! The game pieces are quality made and sturdy. My favorite part of this game is that it works well with all ages and challenges. My son (one of the twins) is a HUGE perfectionist and he was rockin' this game, big time! My daughter (the other twin) doesn't have the same patience level as her brothers and she really got into this game. All in all I'd say this was a "win" and will likely remain a favorite in our home for quite some time.

The board games from SimplyFun® make the perfect Christmas gift for children in your family!  Hurry and order though because the deadline to guarantee delivery before Christmas is December 15th!

You can find SimplyFun® via their website, Facebook, and Twitter.  For more information on becoming a SimplyFun® consultant, please visit their website.

Do you play games with your children?  How often?

SimplyFun® is a consultant based company.  We were asked by the headquarters of SimplyFun® to review the games.  This review is NOT linked to any specific consultant and the links within the post go to the general website.  We were given games to review and keep.  The opinions expressed are 100% our own.

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  1. we play as often as we can, between scouts, church and school it gets busy at night time with home work. I was looking for simple games for a toddler to keep his interest while he is learning and trying to make it fun. I like the Choosing Food With Tibbar game, to help with his speech and learn new words also.
    Thank You for sharing


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