Friday, December 28, 2012

Playing In The Snow WITH Your Kids

*There is no Pinned it, Did it! this week as we have been spending time with our families.  Instead, enjoy this post that was originally posted on the 17th but was taken down for a post about Sandy Hook.
We finally had our first big snowfall of the year last weekend.  We got almost a foot of snow in one storm!  Needless to say, the girls were anxious to get out and play in the white stuff!

Most of the time I sit in a chair and watch my kids play in the snow.  After all, they have way more energy than I do, I don't really like getting all bundled up, and I hate being cold and wet.  However, every now and then I do like to re-live my childhood by making snow angels.
I had a blast a few years ago when we took the girls sledding for the first time.  Tottie was too little to go down the hill by herself so Hubby and I had to go down with her.  At the end we were tired, cold, and wet but we all had smiles on our faces!

Last year there wasn't enough snow to really play in.  Needless to say, this year my girls and I were extremely excited about the near foot of snow.  I was looking forward to making snowmen with them and taking them sledding again.
sledding 1
Unfortunately, thanks to un-plowed and icey roads last Sunday, I got into a minor car accident on my way to work.  I ended up with whiplash and have been battling the pain all week.  No snowmen or sledding for me yet!

That's not the point of this post though.  The point is, you'd be amazed how much fun you will have and how much MORE fun your kids will have if you join them in the cold, wet fun!  This year, I will not be one of those parents who sits at the top of the hill and just watches.  As soon as my neck heals, we'll be heading to our local sledding hill and I'll be racing my kids to the bottom!  Maybe we'll make a snowman and some snow angels in our yard first!
sledding 2
Do you play WITH your kids in the snow or do you just sit by and watch?

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