Thursday, November 29, 2012

Two Kid Friendly Creole Treats

Growing up my Grandma owned a house in Grand Isle, Louisiana, about 2.5 hours south of New Orleans.  My sister and I spent a few summers down there with her and we got to know the Creole and Cajun cuisine pretty well.  Today I am excited to bring you guest recipes from Crystal of Momma Blogga.  She brings you two kid friendly (and very tasty!) Creole desserts!


1 Large Tube of Pillsbury Biscuits
Canola Oil
Powdered Sugar

Preheat 2 inches of canola oil in a larger skillet. Remove biscuits and cut in half. Drop biscuits into skillet(be very careful) and fry until golden brown on each side. Remove and place on a plate with paper towels to catch the excess oil. Sprinkle with powered sugar and enjoy!
Bananas Foster

2 sliced bananas
2 tbsp of Butter
1 cup of brown sugar(light or dark)
1 tsp of vanilla extract
1/2 tsp of vanilla
1 pinch of nutmeg
 Vanilla or Praline Ice Cream

Melt butter over medium heat in a skillet. Add bananas and gently move them around so they do not stick for 3 minutes. Add brown sugar, vanilla extract and nutmeg. Lower heat and cook for 2 minutes. Serve on top of Ice Cream. 

I have yet to try either of her recipes but you can bet we'll be trying them soon!  I'm so excited to try making Beignets (pronounced "BEN-yea") at home!!  I haven't had one in years!  My kids can't wait to try them either.  They know them from the movie "The Princess and The Frog".  My husband however, is drooling over the Bananas Foster!

Bio: Crystal is a mother to four uniquely awesome kids and is married to her prom date.  She and her family live in Louisana.  Crystal is the author of Momma Blogga, creator of the NICU Journal, and the founder of the Gift Of Faith Project.  You can find her on her blog and on Twitter

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