Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Make Your Thanksgiving Easy with P&G and Katie Lee--Giveaway

Thanksgiving is only one day away are you ready?  We've got some last minute tips and products to help your Thanksgiving and the rest of your Holiday season go as smoothly as possible.
I had the great privilege of conducting a phone interview with the famous food critic, best selling author, and entertainer Katie Lee last week.  It was a fun interview filled with ideas not only for making things easier on yourself during the holiday time, but also for getting your kids involved in the process.

Kids can easily help you get ready for your celebrations using P&G products that Katie Lee uses herself!

  • Swiffers are much easier to use than a bucket and mop and kids find them fun!  Let them wash the kitchen floor before your guests arrive!
  • Let them help out washing the table cloths and/or the place mats with Tide Pods.  Katie said that not many of her friends knew how to do laundry when they moved out of their parents' house.  "Teach your kids how to do laundry early!"
  • Let your kids spray Febreze on your furniture.  "Don't forget the welcome mat too!"  "The welcome mat?" I said.  "Yes, it gives your guests a nice smell as they walk in the door."  P.S. Febreze has a great holiday scent out now called Cranberries and Frost!
Speaking of making your house smell nice, Katie said to spray Febreze on your furniture and welcome mat, use a Febreze candle in the bathrooms, but use unscented candles in the kitchen.  The smells can clash with the food you are cooking.  I am totally guilty of making that mistake!

In the kitchen, have your kids help out making appetizers.  One recipe she suggested was 

Store-bought bread sticks wrapped in prosciutto.  

Even little ones can easily wrap the bread sticks and stick them in a glass bowl to display as an edible center piece for the table!

Last, let your kids help make a guest basket filled with things your guests may have forgotten if they traveled to your house. 

I told Katie that my mom used to have a basket in the bathroom for my sister and me when we came home from college!  Katie suggests putting these things in the basket:

*I asked Katie to tell me her 3 favorite P&G products.  She said she, "buys Tide to Go in bulk", "loves, loves, loves the Venus Olay Razor" (really, she went on and on about it!), and likes the Swiffer 360 Dusters.  "They are great for mini blinds."

P&G themselves also has some AWESOME tips and tricks for the holidays at home and on the road!  

Check out what they advise HERE!  After you check out their fabulous ideas, enter to win a Have You Tried This Yet pack filled with products from their suggestions!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
P&G reached out to Lindsi and I to try some of the products mentioned above and to interview Katie Lee.  We received a prize pack of our own.  The opinions expressed are our own or that of Katie Lee's where noted.  


  1. Thanks for the tips!

  2. I am such a huge fan of these products! Febreze is my best friend with two little girls who 'forget' where they put their dirty clothes sometimes. And my 94 year old grandmother uses it in her apartment to keep it fresh. I also love the Swiffers! We have terrible allergies in our house, and it's so nice to wipe down everything (including the fan blades!) and know that we're not just setting all that dust back into the air. I would LOVE to win a prize pack! I'm always trying the newest things and then sharing them with my friends and family.


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