Monday, March 12, 2012

Cooking WITH your kids

I know this subject has been touched on before by many people, experts, and blogs but I felt it necessary to reiterate the importance of cooking WITH your kids.
photo of a child cooking

Why cooking with your kids is important:
Cooking with your kids teaches them the importance of eating together as a family
Cooking with kids teaches them simple math
Cooking with kids teaches them problem solving
Cooking with your kids encourages them to try new foods
Cooking with your kids give them a sense of accomplishment

There are plenty more reasons but those are my favorites! My son and I made pizza doesn't have to be complicated, just creative. We talked about fractions while making the pizza. He doesn't like onions or mushrooms on his pizza so we discussed that two halves of the pizza make one whole. He helped put the ingredients that he wanted on his half and the things I wanted on my half.
photo of a child cooking
The best part of the whole time was the conversation...we took time to talk about our day, what our favorite thing was and just bonded.  I just wanted to encourage you to take time to cook WITH your kids.


  1. Agree 100%. The little ones love it. I am quickly realizing that my older daughters love to help or sit and watch while I cook dinner. They speak freely and chat about their days. Have to admit it is a wonderful time of day to just stop and listen.

    Now my children love to play cooking games. Check out this blog post were we did a creative cooking war with baking - We have since done other themes - very fun family time. The kids dream up the themes and the rules. My husband and I usually make the teams to cut down on the arguing. Great memories for us all.

  2. So True and they love cooking Pizza, even better if you can collect some veges together from your garden as well.


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