Monday, April 1, 2013

11 Last Minute April Fools Activities For Kids

Today is April 1st which means it's April Fools Day.  I really wanted to play some kind of trick on you guys, our readers, by announcing we were quitting this blog, or by putting up a 404 NOT FOUND page in it's place for the day.  Lindsi convinced me it probably wasn't a good idea as people might take it seriously if they weren't paying attention.  So, instead of a joke on you, I'm letting you in on a few awesome, last minute tricks you can play on your family...

1)  Upside down/backwards house

While your kids are at school today, turn everything that you can (photos, knick-knacks, whatever you can) upside down and/or backwards.  When your kids ask what happened, act like you have no clue that things are different.  If your kids are on spring break and are home today, slowly change things when they aren't in the room.

2)  Blue toothbrush

Put a small drop of blue food coloring in the middle of your child's toothbrush sometime today.  When they go to brush their teeth tonight, their mouth will turn blue!  (Note this only works if your child's toothbrush has blue bristles or indicator bristles but you could do it to your significant other if your child's tooth brush has normal bristles!)

3)  Short sheet the bed

An old prank from college that you can now play on your kids!  Forgot how to do it?  Find the instructions on WikiHow.

4)  Trip a circuit

Trip the circuit in a room or two in your house so that the lights don't turn on.  Tell your kids the power went out but only in that room.  The electric company is working on it.

5)  Stuck coin

This one isn't for your kids, it's one that they can play on others.  If you have a busy sidewalk or walking path by your house, use super glue to glue a quarter to the ground.  Sit back and watch how many people try to pick it up.

6)  Chewy cheese sandwich

Make your child a sandwich with cheese but don't take the wrapper off of the cheese.  They'll bite into a surprise!

7)  Small shoes

Stuff toilet paper into the toes of your child's shoes so that they are suddenly too small.

8)  Slippery seat

This one is for your older kids who are good at using the potty.  Put a thin layer of Vaseline on the toilet seat so that it is slippery when they sit on it.

9)  Broken straw

Give your child a drink with a straw in it.  First, however, use a pin to poke small holes in it so that when they suck they'll get air and not their drink!

10)  Brown-Es

Cut a bunch of letter Es out of brown paper and put them in a container.  Tell your kids you made them brownies and give them the container full of brown Es.

11)  April Fool's Ice

Last but not least, this is a must see!!  This awesome fake ice looks real to me and would make a great prank.  It does, however, require a little time and prep so you might have to put it on your list for next year.

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