Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Christmas in July- Make your own Snow

Do you ever want to play with snow inside and not have it melt all over the place?  Make your own fake snow!  Perfect for these HOT July days! It's great for decorating , letting your kids drive their toy cars through or just plain playing in!
All you will need is:
  • A few unused disposable diapers (It would be super gross to use dirty diapers.)
  • Water
  • A container to mix in 
  • silver glitter (optional) 

    Ok, now this is so easy you are going to think you missed something!

    1) Cut open the diaper and pull out the inside absorbent layer.

    2) Put it in the container and slowly add water

    3) Mix until it becomes snow consistency!  For powdery snow use less water, for slushy snow use more water.

    4)  Add a bit of glitter for some sparkle. (optional)

    My girls had a TON of fun playing with the snow! 

    We attempted to add more water and make a snowman but it wasn't really successful.  My girls did however, enjoy adding more and more water to see how slushy they could make their snow.  We are currently freezing the slush mixture to see what it does...

    What would your kids do with their fake snow?

    1 comment:

    1. i would never think to do this! wow.
      we did make fake snow by microwaving ivory soap bars. i suggested the kids make my car look snow covered, but they figured out what i was up to.


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