Friday, August 3, 2012

Handmade Baby Memories and Bliss Photography

A few weeks ago I got a fabulous unexpected (well sorta unexpected) surprise.  You see, I have this friend named Catharine who I've known since third grade.  She is now a professional photographer and has her own studio-- Bliss Photography.  Catharine was contacted by the owner of Handmade Baby Memories to do some photos of her products (stuffed animals made out of baby clothes!).  Catharine, however, needed some products to take photos of and that's where my surprise comes in...
Catharine called me one day and asked if she could keep the baby clothes I loaned her for her daughter.  What baby clothes?  I had completely forgotten I gave them to her, so yes, she could keep them.  Then she had me go through all of them and tell her which of my girls wore what clothes.  It was torture reliving baby memories and remembering my girls so little, and Catharine wouldn't tell me why she needed to know!
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Finally after a few weeks, and a lot of pleading, Catharine revealed that she was sending the clothes to Handmade Baby Memories to be made into stuffed animals!  When the animals were done, she needed my girls to model with them for Handmade Baby Memories advertising.  
What I received from Catharine and Handmade Baby Memories was FAR beyond my expectations!  It was all in the name of advertising and I couldn't be happier!  Handmade Baby Memories made beautiful stuffed animals from my girls' baby clothes and Catharine (Bliss Photography) took stunning photos of my girls!
Click photo to enlarge and see
I was NOT asked to write a post about Handmade Baby Memories and Bliss Photography.  After all, it was a deal between those two companies and my girls just happen to be models.  However, I was so impressed with both that I just had to share--I asked both companies if I could do a post for them!

Handmade Baby Memories is based out of the UK but ships to the US.  Bliss Photography is based out of Rochester, MN but she travels small distances (i.e. to the Twin Cities) for a small fee.

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  1. Just read your article, thanks very much. Was nice to hear the story that it was a surprise for you, that makes in more special.

    Thanks again

    Handmade Baby Memories


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