Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back Yard Camping

Hubby and I are very much into tent camping.  Part of the money we received from our wedding was spent on high quality camping gear, and before we had kids, we camped multiple times a summer.  It became a lot harder, however, when the girls were little.  It took too much effort to pack up a bunch of baby items.  Hubby and I decided that we would instead, begin to teach our girls to camp using our back yard.  It has been a once-a-summer family tradition every since.  
Back yard tent camping has most of the same opportunities as real camping without all the hassle and with some of the comforts of home (such as a nice bathroom for my picky girls).  Though we still try to go real camping, we make sure to camp in our back yard at least once a summer.
We use our fire pit to cook over the fire, roast marshmallows, and keep warm as the rule is you can only go inside to go to the bathroom once we've begun our camping adventure.  
If you're not really into the hassle of real camping or have never been camping with your kids, I highly suggest you borrow a tent (or buy one) and try back yard camping!  It's a great time to unplug, relax, and enjoy some family bonding time.  

It may be the end of August and back to school time but there's still plenty of nice weather left this fall to try it out!  You (and your kids) will not regret it!  Have you, or will you try it out?


  1. Wow! That looks really fun. Thanks a lot for the wonderful share. Nice page.

  2. Looks like a lot of fun, but I am terrified to sleep outside! lol
    Hopefully I will get over my fears once our little boy is older!

    Discovered you on SITS! Can't wait to read more!

    1. You're definitely going to have to get rid of that fear if you have a boy! Camping in your back yard is a GREAT way to start! If it's too overwhelming, you can just go inside to your nice cozy bed! Good luck!


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