Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Paper Ring Count Down to Kindergarten

countdown to kindergarten

My oldest starts Kindergarten this year and I can assure you he will not let anyone forget it. He has been asking me "when do I get to start Kindergarten?" for at least a year now. Now that we're in the home stretch for the first day of school I thought it would be fun to make a "visual" for him so he could really understand how much longer until that big day. (Well, OK to be completely honest- my mom gave me the idea!)

countdown to kindergarten
I made an old fashion paper ring counter for him. I found a cute school bus photo online and printed it out. Then I counted off the days until the first day of school and made a paper ring for each day. Starting last night he gets to tear off one ring before bed and when he gets to the school bus he knows it's school time! What fun! My mom even had a great idea to add to the "good ol' fashion paper ring"....mark off special dates along the way with big events so he has even more to look forward to. I added a special ring for "the state fair starts," "back to school shopping," "VBS," and "papa tractors house" (he calls my father-in-law papa tractor cause he lives on a farm.

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