Monday, June 11, 2012

9 ideas for one on one time with your child


With 4 kids it is difficult to find time every day to devote to one on one time with each one of my kids. It doesn't happen each day but I make sure they each get special time frequently. We call it "special time" because it usually involves something extra special.

1. Bowling- when was the last time you went bowling? My 5 year old, er um 5 1/2 year old, loves this special time. Sadly, he often beats me. The bumpers in the gutters deflate when it is my turn to bowl and I often end up right there!

2. Arts and Crafts- many stores have great arts and craft ideas in their dollar section. My kids don't really know it costs only a dollar so they don't care but, my daughter especially loves when she and I have crafty time together.

ice cream
3. Ice cream date- need I say more? Well in all honesty this is one that I enjoy just as much as they do. Sometimes I pick up one of my kids from pre-school early and take them to the ice cream shop by there school. We talk about what he/she learned today and enjoy the sweet taste of ice cream.

4. Bubble baths- I am not a fan of putting a ton of soap in the tub every bath night but I will occasionally add extra and make bubbles for them. I try and make bath time a special, one on one, fun time....and bubbles always help!

5. Birth Story-If your kids are anything like mine they love to hear the story of their birth. This works great if your kids are adopted too...share their "gotcha story." I find that the more details (minus some obvious ones) the better, they love this.

6. Extra hour- Once and a while I will let my oldest child stay up an extra hour after bed time. Once everyone else is tucked into bed I will sneak into his room and we'll go downstairs to the playroom and pick out some of his favorite books or play a game of Guess Who. He loves these nights!

7. Make cookies- You don't have to be Betty Crocker to make delicious cookies, just buy the pre-made ones. My daughter especially loves when we bake cookies together. I make a big deal of  it too. We put on our aprons, gather all the ingredients, measure everything out and mix away.

Chalk Clone
8. Chalk it up- Have you ever just had a conversation while drawing on the pavement with chalk? My middle son seems to light up and open up when we have special chalk time together. He's not much of a napper anymore so I sometimes will let him stay awake during nap time and we'll go draw pictures on the pavement together. The stories that come up are amazing and often comical.

9. A special good night- I have a special saying that I say to my kids right before bed. (I'm not going to share it though.) I have a different nickname for each one of my kiddos- stinker, buggie, princess, and bubby. Each night I make a point to tell them that they are my "favorite stinker" (or other nickname) in the whole world and then say our special saying. They think that I only do this with them (and not with their siblings) it makes them feel pretty special.


  1. These are some great ideas. My daughter would like each and every one. I'd love to have you link this up to Titus 2 Tuesday tomorrow on Cornerstone Confessions. I hope to see you there!


  2. Definitely great ideas- I'm going to try out the icecream date with my 6 y/o this weekend (while the baby is napping). Sometimes I feel like I miss out on what's going on his life when the weekdays are so busy. Stopping by from BloggyMoms!


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