Saturday, August 27, 2011

Under Construction

photo by love4mygoldens

Toys In The Dryer went live on September 5, 2011!

Please pardon the inconvience as we build the Toys In The Dryer blog and content.  At least one post in each topic above should be live by 9/10/11 with the exception of our sponsors who will be featured (with a round of giveaways) 9/20-9/23.

We hope you enjoy what we have so far!  Please come back every day often to see what new stuff we've added.  Better yet, subscribe via email, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, and be one of the first to see when new content is published!

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  1. I just about died laughing: Ok so my 15 month old daughter LOVES playing in laundry! I sorted dirty laundry the other day so I could start the wash. Vera crawls in my bedroom as I was across the hall fixing my hair in the bathroom and starts to destroy my sorted piles. I just let her be occupied so I could get ready to leave. A couple minuets go by and I turn my head to check on her and see that she has put her arm through the leg hole of a pair of my underwear, pulled them behind her back and slipped her other arm through the other leg hole as if she was wearing a cropped sweater!


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